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The Pivotal Leader podcast, hosted by Gina Trimarco, Chief Results Officer of Pivot10 Results, features 30-minute interviews with modern and pivotal business leaders who share their experiences and anecdotal success stories to inspire rising leaders to shift their own organizational cultures to higher success.
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Jul 31, 2018

“Surround yourself with amazing people and a wonderful team.”

- Roger Morgan

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Roger Morgan, founder and CEO of pawTree, a direct selling pet nutrition company he created in 2014 to provide a better way to care for and love pets. Just days before this interview, Roger received the Rising Star Award from the Direct Selling Association out of all the direct selling companies less than five years old.

Roger has built a way to change a pet and pet parent’s life one meal at a time and to enable pet lovers to thrive as small business owners who share and sell its products. A pet-industry veteran, Roger served as CEO for a major pet products manufacturer for almost a decade as well as served on boards for the American Pet Products Association, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, and PetSmart Charities. He is dad to dogs, Bella & JoJo.

Podcast Topics Include:

  • What is pawTree? (not just a pet food company)
  • What inspired Roger to start pawTree
  • Some of the biggest challenges Roger faced in the early days of business startup
  • How to put together a great team for your startup venture
  • Why Roger chose the direct selling model for his business
  • The growth of pawTree customers, sales and Pet Pros 
  • The ideal profile of a remote sales associate (aka Pet Pro)
  • Keeping sales associates and team members informed, trained and connected
  • Where Roger goes to get support, advice, leadership and coaching


Jul 30, 2018

“Everyone’s got an idea but not everyone has balls to bring it to market.”

– Paul Szyarto

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Paul Szyarto, a globally recognized expert in entrepreneurship, business leadership and self-defense. He is highly sought-after for his executive coaching and business leadership training. Known for applying the principles of Krav Maga – the Israeli self-defense system – into everyday business and life scenarios, Szyarto has trained hundreds of law enforcement professionals and groups of NFL players, in addition to business executives and entrepreneurs. He’s also co-founder of the VMMA Fitness franchise.

Podcast Topics Include:

  • Paul’s VMAA strategy on martial arts and when VMMA started
  • Turning your hobby into a scalable business
  • Paul explains true entrepreneurship and “survivor-preneurship”
  • Never Broke(n) Paul’s new book on lessons of entrepreneurship and survival
  • Stress Management - Paul talks about one of the greatest lessons on how being adaptable can get you through any situation
  • Paul shares advice to shift a stagnant or toxic organizational culture
  • What to do when there is no one to change poor leadership
  • Motivating and engaging your talent and understanding your talent needs
  • Best practices to ensure being the best possible leader you can be
  • Being a leader and CEO - Paul discusses support and mentorship he needs


Jul 29, 2018

“It’s important to take risks, as a business leader, as an entrepreneur. This business was a huge risk from day one.”

- Alex Danza

Imagine a better way to interstate business travel on a luxury motor coach that offers only 22 comfortable leather seats and amenities such as, steward service, noise-canceling headphones, WiFi, satellite television and an onboard conference room!

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Alex Danza, founder and CEO of Vonlane luxury motor coach service that he founded in 2014 to give Texas travelers an alternative to the delays and interruptions that accompany short-haul flights and the hassles of driving one’s own vehicle. Starting with routes between Dallas and Austin, Alex has expanded the company’s reach, and now the five biggest cities in the Texas Triangle are completely accessible on Vonlane with plans for expanding out of Texas.

Alex also is the 2017 recipient of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award in the Southwest region in the category of Emerging Retail and Consumer Products.

Podcast Topics Include:

  • Alex describes Vonlane – “it’s like a private jet on the ground”
  • How personalized and proceduralized training is the key to creating an amazing customer experience
  • Recruiting employees and referrals and how to get top talent in the door
  • Making gut decisions, taking risks to progress and innovate
  • Spending advertising dollars as a startup
  • Scaling and growing: identifying prospects and keeping the model pristine
  • Raising capital to get a business venture off the ground
  • Suggested strategies for CEOs seek help and guidance for leadership and as an entrepreneur
  • Favorite books: Good to Great

Full Show Notes

Jul 22, 2018


“Your people deserve great managers.”

- Mark C. Winters

On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Mark C. Winters, co-author of the Rocket Fuel. Mark's passion is helping entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can pursue their freedom. Depending on the unique situation, Mark’s talent for introducing just the right combination of perspective and process sparks teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the proper direction - with clarity. As a teacher, coach, and facilitator, Mark spends most of his time directly engaged with entrepreneurial leadership teams as a Certified EOS Implementer—helping them implement EOS in their own companies.  He's delivered over 500 full-day EOS workshops with companies from around the U.S.

Podcast Topics Include:

  • A general overview of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • The visionary and integrator defined
  • The phases of the visionary and integrator relationship
  • Connecting visionaries with the right integrators
  • How a small business can grow following a plateau
  • The benefits of EOS and how does is impact a business
  • How patience is so important when implementing EOS
  • How to determine if you are a visionary or integrator using Mark’s book: Rock Fuel.
  • Company culture and who becomes responsible - visionary, integrator or both?
  • Productivity vs. creativity, attention residue and intensity formula 
  • Time blocking to help with attention residue

Full Show Notes:

Jul 20, 2018

“We’ve gotten away from developing people … we take the risk of becoming order takers.”

– Dave Mattson

In this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Dave Mattson, a best-selling author, sales and management visionary, and leader of the world’s largest sales effectiveness organization. As CEO and President of Sandler Training, he oversees the corporate direction and strategy for the company’s worldwide network of operations serving clients through


Podcast Topics Include:

  • Dave and Gina's thoughts on Vistage’s Confidence Index for 2018 and what he thinks we are missing
  • What to do with the rising workforce of millennials as it relates to interpersonal skills
  • Where most companies miss the boat on motivating team members
  • Good and bad practices for salespeople and sales managers
  • Being a doctor of sales
  • What sales managers need to do for their salespeople
  • What are the common trends that sales people contact Sandler for help and training
  • How Sandler helps sales teams turn things around and how they help companies by creating a common sales language and sales approach
  • Dave’s dirty secret relating to sales teams and training
  • The importance of turning down clients when you know management is not buying into what is being sold
  • What makes one franchise stronger than another and what has made Sandler so strong
  • Sandler’s growth strategy, including why they limit the number of franchises they add each year and going international
  • What the future of training looks like

Full show notes at: